“Best Referral Program in the Industry for Realtors!!”


How often do clients trust you to refer them services they need for their homes?.. Like Home Security!?

Our #1 Priority is to make you look as good as possible!

We always aim to represent you well and let the customer know they get special treatment because they’re coming as a recommendation from YOU. Our goal is not to just give you a check for the client it potentially took you months to sell a house to, but more importantly to treat the client like royalty with red carpet service all the way and make you look REALLY good! We aim to have EVERY referral call you back and say, “thank you” for referring them to US! Over 85% of our business comes from referrals.

How can we accomplish this?

GuaranteeProtech Security is a preferred Guardian Dealer among other companies. However, Guardian is the biggest, oldest, privately held alarm company in the world! Guardian has one of the highest customer service ratings of any alarm company out there. Most nationwide companies keep their average customer 2-3 years. Guardian keeps their average customer 10 years! Guardian has a BEST PRICE GUARANTEE and has been around over 60 years and is known for their great service! When customers are ready to move again or have friends and family ready to move we want them to remember the EXCELLENT service they received from you and from us and not hesitate to give you future business during their next move!

That’s why SERVICE is key and is our FIRST priority.
On a side note, we give you $100-$300 for each referral.

Like Other Programs

  • We give you a referral commission
  • You can register online on our website
  • You CAN opt to get your money in the mail
Unlike Other Programs

  • We give $100 for each referral, with opportunities to get up to $300 per referral! (not $50 or $75!)
  • Our #1 priority is to make YOU look good!
  • You can register right here on our website below or over the phone via call or text. 817-966-9434.
  • You can get a check or a prepaid Visa card that we direct deposit your money onto. (who spends the exact amount on a gift card??)
  • You don’t have to wait MONTHS to get paid. We usually pay you within 7 days of install!
  • We go through our clients that are moving and GIVE you REFERRALS!
  • Your client will get additional equipment, free months, or more just for being referred by YOU and they are told just that!
  • We fill you in on every step of the process. No waiting for a check wondering what happened or if the deal closed?
STEP 1 Register with your information below so we can pay you your first $100 check! Hopefully, within 7 days! If you’ve already registered, then just skip this part and we’ll contact you after submission to verify your address.
STEP 2 Put in your clients information and any notes that you might have you want us to know about. We will call your client, give them red carpet treatment, and get them installed usually within 48hrs!
STEP 3 Receive a notification of the progress of your referral and when to expect your check. Usually, within 7 days. i.e. Refer someone Monday, they get installed on Tues, you get a check on Friday! All in the SAME business week!


Get more leads! Get more money! Get more “THANK YOU’s!” from your clients! Be a professional and have a team. We will work for you!



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