Electronic Locks

Protech Security and Automation offer innovative security options through Alarm.com such as remote access and control of your door lock.  Now you can lock and unlock your door right from your smart phone or tablet at anytime and anyplace.

Through Alarm.com you can be notified immediately as soon as someone locks or unlocks your door.  You’ll have full control of knowing who entered your home and what time.

Take Control of Your Home

  • Set unique lock codes for different peopledoor locks
  • For additional peace of mind, lock one door in the house and have that action trigger the other doors in your home to lock simultaneously.
  • Never make copies of your keys again.
  • Stop turning back to make sure you locked your doors.

Can Your Alarm System Do This?

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Different Types of Locks

   Smart Code Deadbolt                                              Smart Code Lever

SmartCode DeadboltSmartCode Deadbolt


List Of Finishes

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